This section of Pensive Composer is devoted to a selection of my ongoing compositional work.

These pieces are intended as examples and steps along a new pathway of musical development (see the section on Speaking Music). Each piece is written to be a completed tone poem, to be pleasing and entertaining to the ear, and to solve some musical problem or set of problems arising along the chosen pathway. Above all I hope my compositions will be useful and stimulating to those who might want to pursue similar directions of musical work.

The “Metamorphoses”, especially the one based on the song “Radioactive”, are intended to show the way to a possible new genre in tomorrow’s music scene.

It might seem presumptuous for me on basis of these few, mostly simple pieces, to call myself a composer at all. But I have taken a naïve and optimistic attitude, intend to learn more and forge ahead, will be delighted at any constructive criticism and especially happy if others take up similar directions and do better than I am doing!

You can listen to mp3s of my compositions on the following two pages, ordered chronologically or according to musical form. Each mp3 is either a performance of the piece, when this is available, or otherwise an audio file generated by my music notation program. The latter is obviously not as good as a real performance, but can give a pretty good first impression.

My Compositions:


By Form